5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing your Real Estate Processes.

We understand that as a Real Estate business owner you need to always keep your business efficient and profitable. This is why several businesses have turned to Outsource. This business practice gives you trained virtual team members at a fraction of having an onsite team to manage your business processes.

Outsourcing is a great business idea then, but like any business decision, there are a few things you need to know before diving In. We have put together 5 things we feel you need to know before you start your outsourcing journey.

What do you need your virtual assistants for?

We believe outsourcing can solve a lot of business process problems but you first need to know the problems you need help in. Virtual team members offer efficiency to businesses especially if you know exactly where you intend to place them and for what purpose.

Set up your business processes and make sure you have work well lined out for your virtual team member. This will help them come in and clear your workloads creating time for you and your in-house team to focus on other pressing business processes. With a well laid out business process, your virtual assistant will prove to be the most efficient business decision you would have made.

Set up your business for a VA?

As we discussed earlier it is important to set up your business processes so that there is no time that your virtual team member is found without a task to do. Have carefully laid out tasks that your Virtual team member will need to complete. This will also work as a mark for their key performance indicators (KPIs).

Research on your Outsourcing company.

Several outsourcing companies are coming up and all of them offer services and practices that your business needs. Not all of them are sincere in their offers, however.

You need to research the credibility of the outsourcing company and the reliability of its virtual assistants. You can do this research by looking into the company’s past work, online reviews and any recommendations it has had.

What level of training do the Virtual Assistants receive?

While all virtual assistants have some training, the level of training is never equal. You need to consider this when choosing the outsourcing company. If our tasks are technical and need a team member that has received in-depth training and experience then you need to make sure you highlight this and get a certification of training and a test of the skill of your own to show competency. Companies like SupportRealty fully train their virtual team members, making sure they are fully able to deal with the various situations that they may have to deal with.

What level of ongoing support do you get?

When you partner with an outsourcing company we expect you to get continuous support for as long as you have a virtual team member from them. SupportRealty believes in building a long term relationship with all its clients.

We offer continuous monitoring and support to the virtual assistant. in addition, we make sure they have the best machinery to work within the best environment possible so that they are at their best when they work with you.


Outsourcing property management is an obvious choice for any real estate business. If you tackle the 5 things mentioned above you will be set for a successful outsourcing journey for you and your business.

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